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Home / Brand Post / Arvind Arora or A2 Motivation: Story of small town boy who became a YouTube Star
Arvind Arora or A2 Motivation: Story of small town boy who became a YouTube Star
Brand Post
Published on Jul 05, 2021 09:45 PM IST
With more than 4 billion views he owns a breath taking of record of being an Individual YouTuber with highest views within India. His channel A2 Motivation is currently the No. 1 YouTube shorts channel with more than 8.8 million Subscribers.

Arvind Arora aka A2 Motivation
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ByHT Brand Studio
Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. Here we have a magnificent personality, who with his blood, sweat and tear all put together redefined the dictum of failure into success for himself.

Arvind Arora, who hails from a small town, from Rajasthan, with a humble background has awe-inspiringly become a digital star. With more than 4 billion views he owns a breath taking of record of being an Individual YouTuber with highest views within India. His channel A2 Motivation is currently the No. 1 YouTube shorts channel with more than 8.8 million Subscribers: the pinnacle overwhelmingly reached in just 8 months. Adding to his achievements he was awarded with 7 Silver and 2 Golden YouTube Play Buttons. A2 motivation is also the top ranked YouTube Shorts platform in the nation and at 27th position in the world. A2 is not only a digital star but is also a motivational speaker and has made appearances in Josh Talk. In pursuance of same he has remarkably made more than 10,000 motivational facts based and educational videos. In a highly celebrated saga of his popularity, he has more than 17 million followers in combination from all his social media platforms.


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He has touched the pinnacle, but remember all this was not served to him in a plate. There is an unsung saga behind the most celebrated one, a story defining his struggle. Passing through bankcrupcy, failure, and many more things, he has seen every phase of life. There were many demotivating stereotypical things which pulled him back but each time he gave a tough fight and made a headway through them.

Going back to his early days, his family relied on a small shopkeeping business and had little savings for high dreams. After doing his schooling, his relatives had the opinion that he could only become a shopkeeper like his father. However, radiating spirit with his words “People can’t dictate my future” he independently decided to do his graduation in engineering by taking a loan. Hoping in optimism he once said to his father, “I will try and If I will fall, I won’t Blame anyone”. From here he took the first step towards self-independence. The most inspirational is the fact is that he never bothered his family or others for meeting his financial needs in the fast city of Jaipur.

A striking incident linked to his college life was that after excelling in first year of engineering, he got fascinated by the dazzling world of the college and received low marks in the next year. However, as a conscious being he realised his mistakes and tried to correct them. This realization drew to him from a small incident in a hotel where a family’s son couldn’t pay the bills and the mother had to pay the same from her pocket. Following this, he never deviated from productive work. The success was evident as he received Silver Medal the next Year. This was the second stage of his life when he stepped into self-reliance.

His first job offered him a salary of just ₹11,000 per month and late on he started his own GATE coaching centre. There were times when he himself used to paste the posters of the institute in various colleges. He ran his life then by doing a petty job in the morning and taking classes at night. His struggle bore results and the institute gained nearly 200 students within 2 years, however betrayal awaited him. There came another down, when his partner asked him to leave the institute. But again, facing the situation with courage, and resting on the fact that when people try to pull you down, never revert back as God has something big to offer, he passively receded from the situation.

After that he left his business and moved to Gujarat and he took a 6 months break in that break he went to spirituality he did yoga , meditation and he read Ramanujan , Osho and many other books and at that time. He was left with no money, yet he was having the courage to lead. He reached Gujarat and from here came the next turn in his life: unprecedently a GATE teacher became a Chemistry teacher. He made a YouTube Channel- “Made Easy” and started uploading teaching videos which eventually grew. However, much more awaited him. His focus shifted to Tik Tok when in a function at Delhi, in which he was invited as YouTuber Educationist, he was not shown much respect and response. He took it as a challenge and started creating short videos on Tik Tok. Just before the ban in India he had nearly 7.2 million followers. This was another grave setback, however as it is said luck favours the brave, there was something big lying ahead. When YouTube launched the short videos platform, he was already ready with 1100 short videos and within 8 months of the launch he crossed 8.8 million subscribers.

Clearly, he unflinching stood against all the impediments and emerged valiantly victorious.

A suffice summary of his life,

Gave the odds a tough strife,

He evidently, directed his life,

Indeed, a leader who thrives!

Youtube –

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.


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